Bagel and Muffin Boxes

Continental Breakfast - 625-755 Calories Per Person

Sweet and savory bagels with a tub of cream cheese, a gallon of fresh-squeezed orange juice, single-serve yogurts and coffee

For same day orders or orders placed after 2pm for next day pickup or delivery, the maximum order quantity of this item is limited to 1.
$49.99 - $87.99
Bagel and Cream Cheese Box - 360-490 Calories Per Person

A mix of sliced sweet and savory bagels with cream cheese

$8.99 - $25.49
Bagel and Muffin Box - 360-570 Calories Per Person

A mix of sliced bagels, muffins, and cream cheese

$24.99 - $36.99
Muffin Box - 410-570 Calories Per Person

freshly-baked muffins

$15.99 - $31.99
Single Breakfast Box - 575-845 Calories Per Person

A sliced bagel with a side of cream cheese, or a muffin with butter,
plus a piece of fruit and a single-serve yogurt

Smoked Salmon Platter - 460 Calories Per Person

Six bagels, a tub of plain cream cheese, 12 ounces of smoked salmon,
lettuce, tomato, red onion and capers

Serves 6

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